Friendship Spell


Have someone you want to befriend or ask out? Cast a spell on them.

Take a deck of cards and on the joker or any other card, add a sticker with the line "Would you like to be friends?" written on it.

Put this card at the top of the deck and put it in a card box.

During your social gathering, tell your target that you're a practicing sorcerer and would like to cast a spell on them. However, the spell requires reading their thoughts, and if done improperly could backfire and reverse the spell, making you bitter enemies. Therefore, a simple test must be performed to see if you can penetrate their cerebral cortex.

Pull the deck of cards out of the box and show them that it's just an ordinary card box, nothing special about it. Take off the top card and put it in the box. Turn the deck upside down and show them that it's just an ordinary deck. Turn the deck rightside up and spread it across the table, asking them to choose one, remember it, and then put it back in the deck. Turn your head while doing this, giving them assurances that you can see nothing.

Shuffle the deck and have them cut it. Put the box on top of the deck and tell them to put their hand on the box. Put your hand on top of theirs and tell them it's extremely important to think of the card they chose while you penetrate their cerebral cortex. Look them deep in the eyes and focus really hard, and then using your free hand slap your hand, that's covering their hand, that's covering the box, and say okay. Open the box and tell me if it's your card.

They open the card box to reveal "Would you like to be friends?" Ask them if that's their card, and then say, well that must have been what you were thinking, because I only morph cards into what's on your mind.

Depending on the situation you can use the line "Would you like to go for coffee?" or you can skip the talk about casting a spell and just ask them if they'd like to see the most amazing card trick ever performed.